Brumley Irish Smiles

Brumley Irish Smiles

Brumley Irish Smiles – It is that weekend where everyone is Irish no matter who you are in your family tree. When I was growing up my mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley Weik always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. I would wear my green to school because I didn’t want to get pinched (a common saying). We said, “Erin Go Bragh” to our friends and neighbors and classmates. After a long winter, it was great to celebrate something and St. Patrick’s Day filled that need!

I had several friends that are Irish and they cherished their Irish heritage. It really meant something to them deep down in their soul. Some were lucky enough to visit the “old country” (Ireland) and go back in time for a moment to walk in their ancestor’s footsteps. I have one friend who decided one time to visit several pubs to lift a glass to all his Irish relatives who came before him. I remember asking him if Ireland looked a little blurry after visiting twenty-three pubs and he just laughed with that Irish twinkle in his eye and that Irish smile on his face.

My mother also told me the story about my great-grandfather Columbus Sells, who had red hair and was called “Irish” or “Red” as nicknames. I’m sure there must have been an Irishman in this DNA somewhere but I have not found it as of this writing.

My own DNA shows that I’m 5%  of Irish, Wales, and Scotland decent so I can officially wear my green with confidence. I am also 70% English, Wales, and Northwestern European.

My fifth great-grandfather James Clark was born in Ireland and his wife Margaret Catherine Horne was born in Scotland. We are made up of a melting pot of immigrants that came from everywhere and married into other nationalities.

So bring on the St. Patrick’s Day parades, the wearin’ of the green, the raising of the glass and the Irish Jig and celebrate what brings us together – people enjoying people! It will not matter if you are Irish, German, French, or Slovak to enjoy the culture of enjoying what makes all of us special.

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