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Nancy Gertrude Brumley Weik

Brumley Family Author –How it all beganit started out with the death of my grandfather John Leo Brumley in 1976, Nellie Opal Sells Brumley had preceded him in death. It was sometime after that my mother, Nancy Gertrude, and her siblings John, Jr., Gerald (Jerry), and Shirley Ann Brumley were going through what was left of their parent’s belongings.

They came upon a box of pictures and began to sort the images out and split them up so all of them would have pictures of relatives and childhood memories to share with their families. They came across this picture below; they knew William Ralph and Isaac Walter, but no one could identify the third gentleman.

John, William Ralph, and Isaac Walter Brumley

It was at this time my mother started her journey to find out who this person was and if he was related to her family. The rest, as we say, is “Brumley Family Branches” history. My mother needed some help to begin a writing campaign and what better person to choose than her daughter, Diann Marie Weik.

In early 1980 my mother and I started our journey of family genealogy. We discovered the man in the picture was a stepbrother to our family members that we didn’t know existed. My mother discovered a cousin she did not know, and one thing began to lead to another, and the journey became a lovely passion for both of us over the years.

My mother died in 2005 and I vowed to her that I would not stop searching for relatives. Therefore, I created this blog as an extension of my love for her, I know she is smiling! If you have any information that could be of help, please contact me at diannbrumleybranches@gmail.com.

I hope you will enjoy the blog and share it with your family.

Thank you.


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