Thanksgiving Family Conversations

Thanksgiving Family Conversations
Painted by Nancy Gertrude Brumley

Thanksgiving Family Conversations – as we gather together to spend time with our loved ones near or far we need to lay down the cell phone, put up the tablet, shut off our computer for just one day and have a real conversation with a family member young or old.

We need to fine-tune our listening skills talking face to face. I know when I was a child even though I had no cell phone or computer I had some understanding of how important it was to listen to all the stories my mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley Weik told me. Yes, she told the same story over and over sometimes but each time she did I seemed to retain more of her story.

It wasn’t always a story either, sometimes if she would do something or say a funny saying a certain way I would ask her who or where she learned to do that. Looking back on it now I wished I would have carried with me always a notebook to take notes. When you are a child the world revolves around you not around what others are saying right? And then there was always the thought that they did not know what they were talking about until one day you are doing the same thing and you hear that familiar voice say, “Didn’t I tell you that?”

We all have busy lives nowadays but I hope that sometime during this weekend you will stop and say to your parents, grandparents, or any relative, “Let’s just sit and talk for a while”.  Remember they aren’t getting any younger and neither are you! And the spoiler alert is they have wanted you to ask questions all along. Here are questions to start a great conversation that could be life-changing. The following questions are just examples to get you started – remember the art of a great conversation is being a great listener as well!

What is your full name?

How did you get your name?

Did you have any nicknames?

When and where you were born?

Best memories of your father?

Best memories of your mother?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What is your sibling’s name, dates of birth and spouses’ names?

What did you do as fun?

(sports, games, activities)

What did your childhood home look like?

What was your town/city like?

What were your daily chores?

I have started up my Brumley Family Branches Genealogy blog again and have updated some of my favorite posts. Please feel free to share this post with family and friends. If you have questions or wish to add any new information please email me.

Thank you.




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