William Brumley and Ruth Jane Kerley

Missouri Countryside
Missouri Countryside

William Brumley and Ruth Jane Kerley are my second great-granduncle and grandaunt. William was born around 1818 in Missouri and Ruth was born around 1828, also in Missouri. They were married on February 18, 1847, in Gasconade County, Missouri.

In the 1850 Census in Missouri, they were just starting their life together in Roark, Gasconade County. The 1860 Census has them now living in Boone, Maries County and they had started their family, Isaac, Albert, and Sarah. By the 1870 Missouri Census, they had traveled to Rolla, Phelps, Missouri with more children added to their family. Ten years later in 1880 they once again moved to Morris, Texas, Missouri.

William Brumley 1851 Purchased Land in Gasconade County, Missouri

William Brumley enlisted in the Civil War on November 1, 1861, for the Union side. He was in the 6th Cavalry, Company E, and later transferred to Company K. On May 20, 1863, he was severely wounded. William was certified as disabled from the loss of his right arm from the gunshot wound. Discharged on September 21, 1863, he was released from Lawson General Hospital in St. Louis to Fredericksburg, Gasconade, Missouri on September 13, 1863, three-fourths disabled. He mustered out on September 21, 1863. He was shot during the Battle of Big Black River Bridge in Mississippi and fought on May 17, 1863, as part of the Vicksburg Campaign.

1890 Veterans Schedule of U.S. Federal Census for William Brumley

William on October 23, 1866, asked to have an increase in his pension. He was forty-eight years old and now living in Johnson Township, Maries County, Missouri. He was receiving $8.00 monthly and a new Pension Act had just been passed so he was looking for an increase in his pension at the time of his death.

William lost his pension due to death. In a notarized statement by Burl Singleton (his son-in-law) who was married to Emma Brumley, he swears he has known Jane Kerley Brumley (his widow) for eleven years. Burl said he helped to “lay William out” after William died. He was sitting in a chair smoking his pipe, he had not been sick or complained. Burl says the definite death date is February 8, 1891, and that he was seventy-three years old.

Burl also stated that Jane Brumley had been living with them (which means he and Emma) since William’s death. She had mortgaged her team of horses in anticipation of receiving a widow’s pension money and had lost the team. Ethel Phillips said that Jane lived with Burl and Emma, and she used to visit them. Jane was her grandmother.

William Brumley died on February 8, 1891. Ruth Jane Kerley Brumley died August 4, 1892. She was buried alongside her husband in Eufaula Indian Territory in McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

Children of William and Ruth Jane Kerley Brumley:

Nancy Ann Brumley was born in August 1850 in Maries County, Missouri. She married William Marion Hensley (1846-1935) on May 8, 1872, in Phelps County, Missouri. This union had five children: Irvin Isaac (1873-1955), James Marion (1875-1965), Albert Benjamin (1878-1964), Alfred Monroe (1882-1964), and Henry Arthur Hensley (1885-1956). Nancy Ann died on August 9, 1910, in Goodman, McDonald, Missouri. She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Howell County, Missouri. William Marion died December 10, 1935, in Elijah, Ozark, Missouri. He is buried in the Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery.

Isaac Newton Brumley was born on May 24, 1853, in Springfield, Greene, Missouri. He married Mary Martha Gilley (1853-1928) on June 8, 1873, in Boone County, Arkansas. This family had ten children Rebecca Clementine (1876-1892), Arizona Elizabeth (1880-1955), Mary Nevada (1883-1977), John Henry (1885-1972), William Benjamin (1889-1984), James Walter (1892-1968), Edward Benton (1894-1951, James Ralph (1895-1972), and Isaac Martin Brumley (1896-1972). Isaac died on September 12, 1904, and Mary Martha died on May 2, 1908, both in Taney County, Missouri. Both are buried in Mills Cemetery in Douglas County, Missouri.

Albert Brumley was born on January 9, 1856, in Gasconade County, Missouri. He married Martha Anne Shaw in about 1878 in Missouri. This union had four children Lydia Jane (1879-1963), Mary Ellen (1879-1969), Arthur (1882-?), and William Edward (Bill) Brumley 1885-1942. Martha died as a young woman in 1885 at only twenty-six years old. Albert remarried when he was sixty-five to Sarah Jane Pelfrey Todd on October 11, 1921, in Howell County, Missouri. Albert died on January 7, 1935, and is buried in the Lone Star Cemetery, Mountain Grove, Wright, Missouri.

Sarah Ellen Brumley was born in 1857 in Missouri. She was with John Lance, and they had one child Rosetta (1880-1919). She married William Emerson Carman in 1880. This couple had six children Isabelle (1886-1940), Maude W (1889-1968), Ben Jr. (1894-1961), Grace (1896-1989), Harry Austin (1900-1949), and Florence Carman (1904-1997). William and Sarah Ellen divorced in 1904. She married Richard Brown (1862-?) in 1910 in Missouri. In this writing, it is not known where or when Sarah Ellen died.

Emma Jane Brumley was born on January 7, 1865, in Missouri. She married Burl Albert Singleton (1862-1939) on April 4, 1880, in Howell County, Missouri. This union had five children Beadie Ann (1851-1938), Burris (1885-?), Albert Elmer (1889-?), Jessie Allen (1901-1980), and Christie Mable Singleton (1906-1944). Emma Jane died of epilepsy on November 30, 1929, in San Saba, San Saba, Texas. Burl Albert passed away on April 30, 1939, in Lincoln, Neosho, Kansas.

William Sherman Brumley was born on May 7, 1867, in Missouri. He married Sarah Isabelle (Belle) Williams on August 16, 1897, in LeFlore County, Oklahoma. The couple had four children Grace (Gracie) (1899-1899), William Davis (1903-1977), Albert Edward (1905-1977), and Thomas Gilbert Brumley (1909-1943). William died on November 12, 1941, in Stella, Newton, Missouri. He is buried in Powell, McDonald, and Sarah died on April 29, 1938, in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri.

Mary Louise Edy Brumley was born on June 3, 1870, in Marion County, Missouri. She married Alvin Monroe Ellis (1867-1934) on February 27, 1887, in Texas County, Missouri. John Wesley (1890-1953), Pearl Ellen (1894-1926), Mary Ethel (1896-1989), Emma Francis (1900- ?), and Fred Lee Ellis (1905-1951). Alvin died on May 27, 1934, and Mary died on June 20, 1942, in both died and are buried in McDonald County, Missouri.

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