Mary Caroline Ann Keokuk – Jonathan Perrigo, Sr.

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Mary Caroline Ann Keokuk Johnathan Perrigo, Sr. are mother-in-law and father-in-law of my second great-granduncle Gideon Phillip Sells who married their daughter Henrietta Bellaria Perrigo.

Mary Caroline Ann Keokuk married Jonathan Perrigo, Sr. on February 3, 1837, in Jacksonville, Morgan, Illinois. Her parents were Chief Kiyokaga Keokuk and Har quo quar (The Walking Woman) Quale.

In the 1840 Census, Mary, and Jonathan, and their two children were living in Adams County, Illinois. The 1850 Census shows that they were still living in a small town called Ursa in Adams County and he was a laborer. On September 1, 1856, he purchased land in Clark County, Missouri.

Jonathan Perrigo Land Purchase September 1, 1856

By the 1860 Census, the family had moved to Jefferson, Clark, Missouri, and Jonathan was a farmer and had seven children. In 1870 they were still in Jefferson and only Henrietta was still at home. They remained in Clark County, Missouri for the remainder of their lives.

Mary Caroline Ann Keokuk and Johnathan Perrigo, Sr. children:

William J Perrigo was born in Illinois in 1838. William married Mary Jane Kaylor (1847-1925) in 1866 in Clark County, Missouri. This union had four children, George Louis 1867-1947, Amanda Bell (1869), Edward 1870-1955, Charles Edward (1873-1899), Infant (1874-1874), and Elizabeth Perrigo (1876-1902). William J died on January 3, 1876, and Mary Jane died on November 18, 1925. They are both buried at the Chambersburg Cemetery in Chambersburg, Clark, Iowa.

William J Perrigo U.S. Civil War Draft Registration 1863

Sarah Ann Perrigo was born on May 25, 1839, in Adams County, Illinois. She married Mathias Schurr 1829-1882, about 1859-60, in Clark County, Missouri. Sarah and Mathias had ten children, William Perrigo 1860-1947, Frances 1863-1943, Augustus 1863-1942, Christine 1865-1965, Jennie 1869-1873, Sarah Elizabeth (Libbie) 1874-1948, Emma 1875-1875, Claire Elaine 1876-1947, Cassie Mae 1878-1906, and Cora Schurr 1879-1967. Mathias Schurr died on April 2, 1882, buried in the Chambersburg Cemetery, Clark County, Missouri. Sarah married for a second time to Charles Benjamin Fessenden on February 4, 1887, in Clark County, Missouri. Charles died on September 3, 1888, in Merna, Custer, Nebraska. He is buried in the Kilfoil Cemetery in Merna.

Maria Jane Perrigo

Maria Jane Perrigo was born in 1841 in Adams County, Illinois. She married Darius Taylor (1838-1862), on December 16, 1860, in Clark County, Missouri. Darius was with the 7th Missouri Calvary and was severely wounded in the Civil War at the Battle of Lone Jack. He died at Lexington, Missouri August 31, 1862, of wounds received at Lone Jack, Missouri. Maria married a second time to William Elwood, Sr. on December 17, 1863, in Adams County, Illinois. This union had seven children John Jonathan (1864-1951), Susanna Elizabeth (1866-1945), Mollie Ann (1869-1949), William Edward Elwood II (1874-1917), Mack Elwood, Sr. (1877-1955), Isabelle Percilla (1881-1964) and Emma Mae (1885-1949). William Elwood, Sr. died April 30, 1885, in Stephenville, Lewis, Missouri, and is buried in the Asbury Chapel Cemetery in that city. Maria Jane Perrigo Elwood died on December 31, 1904, in Palmyra, Marion, Missouri, and is also buried in the Asbury Chapel Cemetery.

Justice Perrigo was born in Adams County, Illinois on January 17, 1847. He married Eliza A Snyder (1861-) on February 22, 1882, in Adair County, Missouri. They had three children Hiram Melvin (1882-1959), Adeline (1884-1886), and Jonathan Earl Perrigo (1887-1952). Justice died on January 8, 1888, after shooting himself accidentally and losing too much blood to survive the accident. He was buried in Chambersburg, Clark, Missouri. Eliza Snyder Perrigo married again to William Fleenor (1844-1916), and her third marriage was to Ernest Merritt McDonald (1887-1940. At this time, it is not known when or where Eliza died.

Justice Perrigo

Jonathan Perrigo, Jr. was born in Illinois on November 12, 1848. He married Sarah Jane Huntley on April 7, 1885, in Clark County, Missouri. This family had ten children Sarah (1885-?), Cory (1886-?), Joseph (1887-?), Bessie (1888-?), Albert (1889-?), Mathew (1890-?), Hallie (1891-?), Walter (1892-1918), William (1901-1924), and Matilda Perrigo. Jonathan died on March 6, 1906. He is buried in the Chambersburg Cemetery in Clark County, Missouri. Sarah Jane died April 9, 1941, in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, and was buried in Kahoka, Clark, Missouri.

Jonathan Perrigo, Jr.

Angeline Perrigo was born on August 29, 1850, in Illinois. She married Nicholas Young (1845-1913) on February 3, 1867, in Clark County, Missouri. This union had eleven children John Edward Jr. (1867-1958), Joseph (1869-1953), George Washington (1870-1941), Sara Ann (1875-1898), Nancy (1876-1947), Nicholas Israel (1879-1966), Henry Clay (1881-1912), Charles Adam (1884-1956), Justice Jess (1886-1949), Leonard Ambrose (1888-1918), and Albert Jason Young (1890-1912. Nicholas died on December 10, 1913, and Angeline on March 9, 1927, both in Kahoka, Clark, Missouri.

Angeline Perrigo and Nicholas Young

Henrietta Bellaria Perrigo (my second grandaunt) was born in November 1855 in Clark County, Missouri. She married Gideon Phillip Sells (my second granduncle) on December 22, 1872, in Clark County. They were parents to seven children Edwin Mathias (1873-1950), Louis Gideon (1875-1934), John Cecil (1876-1936), Maria Bellaria (1882-1976), Charles Burton (1885-1976), Henry Ross (1888-1967), and Aletha Lenora Sells (1893-1976).

Henrietta Perrigo Sells

This family had a lot of moving parts and it took me a while to sort everyone out. Please let me know if all the family members are correct. This story is not done and I continue to “dig” even deeper to show how this family evolved over the years. My part of this involves the Sells surname and I hope my mother and aunt are smiling down on me for sharing this with everyone. Thank you.

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