Brumley Family Branches 2020

Brumley Family Branches 2020

Brumley Family Branches 2020, welcome everyone to a new decade! It always means we have a clean slate in which to create, whether it is on ourselves or a passion we have devoted decades too.

Brumley Family Branches has grown over the decades with the help of family, friends, and and ancestry DNA. I would like to change up some things in this new year by taking a branch at a time to explore. There may be times when I have lots of information to share and then there may be times when I have just a small amount to share. I will also share some of my “Brick Walls”, the ones I am still working on and the ones that I have solved.

So let us begin by starting with the one Brumley my mother and I came to know first. His name was Willis Brumley (my great-great-grandfather). Willis’s parents I believe were James Brumley and Eleanor (Nellie) Chrisman. In the 1830 and 1840 Census of Gasconade County, Missouri he is listed as the head of household. In the 1850 Census, the family was living in Crawford County, Missouri and it listed James and Nellie were born in Tennessee. I have not discovered yet who James’ parents were or where they lived in Tennessee.

Willis’ siblings were Mary Frances (Franny), William, Stephen, Mahala, Jane, David, and Elizabeth. Mary Frances married Samuel Owens in 1832 in Gasconade County and their children were Mahala Frances, William, James, Stephen, Charles, Samuel, and Joseph. I have no death dates or places or spouses on this family at this time.

William Brumley married Ruth Jane Kerley in 1847 also in Gasconade County. Their children were Nancy Ann, Isaac, Albert, Sara Ellen, Henry, Emma Jane, William Henry, and Edy Mary Louise Brumley. Nancy Ann married William Marion Hensley, Isaac married Eliza C Roberts, Albert married Sarah J Wilson, Sarah Ellen married William Carman, Henry married Martha Ann Ward, Emma Jane married Burl Albert Singleton, William Henry married Sarah E Austin and Edy Mary Louise married Alvin Monroe Ellis.

Willis Brumley (my great-great-grandfather) married Mary (Polly) Johns in1844 in Gasconade County. Polly died at the young age of thirty-nine years old but she gave birth to four children. William (Bill), Nancy Ann, Amanda Elizabeth (Mandy) and John Brumley.

Bill married for the first time to Mary E Williams in 1872 in Missouri and the story went that they had two children. They had a house fire and Mary and her children died in the fire. Bill married for the second time to Ellen Illinois Bell Lenox Blackwell in Missouri in 1881. They had one daughter America Layna Ethelyn Brumley.

Nancy Ann married Henry Clark Eaton in 1877 in Osage County. Their children are John Arthur, Cynthia Ann, Mary Ellen, Ida Florence, Stella Mae, and Benjamin Franklin Eaton. Several years after Clark died she remarried to Charles Roark Pointer in 1922 also in Osage County.

Mandy married the first time to John Henry Gilmore in 1872 Maries County, Missouri. They had two boys to this union, William Willis and James Charles Gilmore. Mandy married for a second time to George W Foster in 1897 Gasconade County and they had five children, Earl Rice, Pearl Florence, Ella Mae, George, and Georgia Lee Foster. William married Amanda Almarie Brown Lovell, James married Mary Yeley, Earl married Elizabeth Ann Gilmore, and then to Augustine Marschall, Pearl married John Nelson Miller, Ella married Daniel W Hafley, Georgia Lee married Earl Clifton Morgan. I have not learned who George married at this writing.

John married Barbara Ellen Copeland in 1900 in Maries County. This union had ten children, Nora Edith, Edward Arthur, Edna Leona, Walter Granville, Mary Ann, Ray Olan, baby Brumley, Effie May, Murel and Earl (twins), Brumley.  Nora Edith married William Ivan Williams, Edna Leona married Edward Jonathan Roberson, Mary Ann married Frank Peter Rapier, Ray Olan married Alice Lillian Jannick, Effie May married Richard Erwin Winthorst, and Earl married Mary Elizabeth Henneke. The other children in this family died at a young age.

Willis married for a second time to Sarah Jane Shockley in 1864 in Gasconade County, Missouri. Over the years I have only found the marriage license that they were wed. I have never found any children born to this union. She is one of my “Brickwalls”.

Once again my great-great-grandfather Willis married for the third time to Nancy J Vaughn Loughry Lewis in 1868 in Osage County, Missouri. Two children were born to this union, Alice Florence and Isaack (my great-grandfather) Walter Brumley.  Alice married Nathaniel Roberson and Isaack married my great-grandmother Nancy Katherine “Katie” Cox. Nancy J Vaughn is also a “Brick wall” because I have no record of her death or where she is buried. She is my biological great-great-grandmother and I would love to learn more about her someday. I have not discovered if she died after giving birth to Isaack or if they were divorced.

Willis tried marriage for the fourth and final time to Delalin Foster in 1874 in Osage County. She has become another “Brick wall” of mine. I have found out very little about her over the decades I have been looking for her. I don’t think there were any children from this marriage at least to this date. I don’t know where she is buried or if she remarried after Willis’ death around 1900.

Stephen Brumley married Jemima Miller in 1846 Gasconade County. They had three children, Mary Ann (Polly), Sophia, and Eleanor (Nellie) Brumley. Mary Ann married John Hanson Meadows, Nellie married Frederick (Fritz) Berger and Sophia there is no record of a marriage.

Mahala Brumley married John M Owens and had four children, Sarah Sallie, Elijah, Mary (Polly), and James Brumley. I have no marriage information on any of the children.

Jane Brumley married Calvin Thomas Hensley and I have information on their children if they had any or not at this time.

David Brumley was the last child of this family and I have been unable to find much information on him at this time.

As with all family genealogy, it is always a work in progress. I continue to search for my brick walls and all of my unknowns as I continue my work on these family members. Any information is welcome concerning any of these people. Thank you for reading Brumley Family Branches.




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