Mary Frances Brumley 2020

Mary Frances Brumley 2020

Mary Frances Brumley is known as Fanny was my third great aunt. She was the first child of James Brumley and Eleanor (Nellie) Chrisman born in 1818 in Kentucky or Tennessee. The earliest I can find the family in Missouri is 1830 and 1840 in Gasconade County and it only lists the head of the household on those censuses. In the 1850 Census, the family was living Crawford, Osage County, but only the youngest siblings were living at home. Her siblings were William, Willis, Stephen, Mahala, Jane, David and Elizabeth Brumley.

Fanny lived most of her life in Osage County, Missouri. She married Samuel Owens on January 22, 1832, in Gasconade County. They were the parents of seven children, Mahala Francis, William, John, Charles, Samuel, Stephen, and Joseph Owens.

Mahala Frances was born around 1833. I could not find a marriage record for her but I believe she married Robert Riley and they had at least three children, Samuel A, Serena, and Elizabeth Riley. Samuel A married Comouth Owens and then Martha E Williams. I have no marriage information on Serena or Elizabeth and no death information on any of Mahala’s children. William Owens born in 1837  and died in 1859  at twenty-two years old.

John W Owens was born in 1839 and he married Amanda (Manda) Calvin in 1855. They were the parents of eight children, Sarah S, Sidney Albert, Louisa J, Julie A, Mancy A, Georgia, Josema, and James. Charles Owens was born around 1846 but that is all the information I have on him at this writing.

Samuel Owens was born in 1846 and married Martha Jane Grooms in 1890. To this union, there were seven children born Lee Jefferson, Mable Ann, James Oscar, Samuel Edgar, Lois E, Marian Frances, and Bessie Caroline Owens. Lee Jefferson married Frieda Mae Breed, Mable Ann married Fred W Reef and later Mr. Martin, James Oscar married Myrtle Beid, Samuel Edgar died at the age of seventeen of Typhoid Fever, Lois E married Elbert Games Clore and Harry Boas, Marian Frances married Frank A Young and Bessie Caroline married Isam W Hill.

Stephen “Steve” Owens was born in 1848 and married Amanda “Manda” Branson. Their children were Daniel Jefferson and Jessie Melinda Owen. Daniel Jefferson married Sarah Agnes Copeland and Jessie married Charles Edward Walker.

Joseph Owens was born in 1850 and married Mary E Cummings. Their children were Martha, James C, Alice, Mary Kellie, Annie, and Joda Owens.

Mary Frances “Fannie” Brumley and Samuel Owens had a large family with many grandchildren. Their family events must have been epic. My favorite thing that I discovered while researching this family was the Death Certificate of their son Samuel Owens, he lived to be ninety-eight years old. On the certificate, it said “Cause of Death – Just Worn Out”. At ninety-eight years old it was the perfect answer for someone who lived a great life – just worn out!

As with all family genealogy, it is always a work in progress. I continue to search for my brick walls and all of my unknowns as I continue my work on these family members. Any information is welcome concerning any of these people. Thank you for reading Brumley Family Branches. Please sign up to receive new blog posts to learn more about my discoveries.

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