Brumley Siblings 2020

Brumley Siblings 2020

Brumley Siblings 2020 is continuing to look into the James Brumley and Eleanor Chrisman family members. Siblings that were born after Willis Brumley (my great-great-grandfather) were Stephen, Mahala, Jane, and David Brumley.

Stephen Brumley (my 3rd great uncle) was born around 1820-22 in Missouri. At the age of twenty-four years, he married Jemima Miller on September 27, 1846, in Gasconade County, Missouri. Their first child Mary Ann (Polly) was born on February 13, 1842, and then Sophia Francis in 1843 and their last child was Eleanor (Nellie) born in 1848. So the marriage date could be wrong or right.  Polly went on to marry John Hanson Meadows and had six children Cordelia C, John Lorenze, Mary, Washington Irwin, Marsella M, and Richard Weaver Meadows. It is not known when or where Stephen and Jemima died but I haven’t found anything past the Census of 1860 in Missouri.

Mahala Brumley (my 3rd great aunt) was born around 1827 in Osage County, Missouri. She married John M Owens on February 5, 1845, in Osage County. This family had four children Sarah (Sallie), Mary (Polly), Elijah, and James Brumley. Sarah (Sallie) married George Ainslie and they had at least two children Lucy Lee who married Edward Lewis Perrault and Adelma Lucy who married John Frost Nugent.

George Ainslie who married Sarah Sallie Owens was a Democratic lawyer, member of Idaho territorial House of Representatives, Delegate to U.S. Congress from Idaho Territory, defeated in 1882, 1889 delegate to Idaho state constitutional convention, 1890-1904 president, Boise Rapid Transit Company, 1890-91 Idaho Democratic state chair, and 1896-1900 member of Democratic National Committee from Idaho.

John Frost Nugent who married Adelma Lucy Brumley was a Democrat Senator from Idaho. He served in the US Senate from 1918-1921. In 1921, President Wilson appointed him as head of the Federal Trade Commission where he served until 1927.

Jane Brumley was born in 1832 in Osage County and went on to marry Calvin Thomas Hensley on December 26, 1852, in the same county. She died at the young age of twenty-three years old and was buried in the Karschnick Cemetery in Osage County. I have found no children for this couple. 

David Brumley was born about 1836 in Osage County. There is not much known about him, I have no marriage, no children. The 1850 Missouri Census shows him still living at home in which he was fourteen years old.

This completes information I have discovered about the James Brumley and Eleanor Chrisman family.

As with all family genealogy, it is always a work in progress. I continue to search for my brick walls and all of my unknowns as I continue my work on these family members. Any information is welcome concerning any of these people. Thank you for reading Brumley Family Branches. Please sign up to receive new blog posts to learn more about my discoveries.

Thank you.




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