Lola Mae Weik 1912 – 1942

Lola Mae Weik
Right to left – Edward, Leo, Don, Elsie, Lola, Ina and Merle Weik

Lola Mae Weik is my aunt that I only knew through stories that were told about her life. Lola was the fifth child born to Rubie Jemima Pultz and Otto Richard Weik on May 24, 1912, in Riley County, Kansas. Her other siblings were Leo John 1908, Edward Hugh 1909, Don Charles 1910, Elsie Elizabeth 1914, Ina Marie 1920, and Merle Otto 1922( my father).

They grew up on and worked their farm. They all had their specific job to do at one point or another. My father always told me the story about the time his playpen was the back of a wagon while the rest of the family worked the crops while keeping an eye on him. They were a family that was active in their community and church and had many friends as well as relatives in the surrounding communities.

Lola Mae enjoyed social gatherings such as school and birthday parties. She also enjoyed getting together with her cousins who were many for family reunions, birthday celebrations, weddings, etc. At the end of June in Riley County when the crops had been harvested the Pultz family always had a huge get-together to reunite with relatives and to share stories while enjoying a wonderful meal as a family and having a prosperous year with their harvest of winter wheat.

Lola was just ten years old when her baby brother Merle was born in 1922. I think my dad had an instant bond with her because he always had kind words about her. I could tell how much he loved her as he shared memories with me.

They moved around in Riley County and settled on the east side of Manhattan on a farm on the Pottawatomie County line. They had farm animals and at least one horse. One day her father Otto was tending to a horse and for some reason, the horse kicked him giving him a severe injury. He was treated for the injury but never recovered from the severity of it. Otto Richard Weik died of his injury on June 16, 1926, at the young age of forty-one years old. The family was devastated by his death. Rubie was now a single mother of seven children. All the children pitched in to do their part in keeping the farm going but eventually, they moved into the city.

It is not known when or where she meant her future husband Vernon E Paige but loved bloomed and before long, they were planning a wedding. On October 15, 1940, they exchanged vows. Marriage vows were read for Miss Lola Weik and Mr. Vern Paige at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the cathedral of the Casement home at 610 Humboldt. The Reverend D H Fisher officiated using the single ring service. Proceeding the service, Mrs. M. R. Casebeer played “An Evening Reverie” and “Adoration”, during which time Miss Dora Bayles lighted the tapers. Mr. Merle Weik, the bridge’s brother sang “I Love You Truly.” The wedding march from Lohengrin was played as the bridal party entered the cathedral and took their places before an embankment of ferns, palms, and white chrysanthemums. The bride was given in marriage by her brother and was attended by her sister, Mrs. Ralph Toothaker. Mr. Bob Manley served Mr. Paige as the best man. The bride wore a street length dress of copper-colored crepe, her corsage was Talisman roses. Mrs. Toothaker wore a blue crepe dress. Her corsage was of bronze and yellow chrysanthemums. Mendelssohn’s wedding march was played as the bridal party proceeded to the dining room, where a reception was given for the guests. The reception table was centered with a three-tiered wedding cake. The bride cut the cake, serving the groom. Her mother Mrs. Rubie Weik, finished cutting the cake. Mrs. Dan Casement poured coffee. She was assisted at the table by Miss Dora Bayles. Fifty guests were present. Out of town guests were Mrs. Carl Johnson of Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. Wickstrom of St. George, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Weik of Stockdale. Mr. and Mrs. Paige departed for New York City, where they will make their future home.

Lola Mae Weik Bridal Shower

Lola and Vernon had their whole life ahead of them and settled in West Orange, Essex, New Jersey. It was in Spring that Lola came down with bronchial pneumonia. On May 25, 1940, she died of pneumonia. Vernon had to contact the family back home in Kansas that she had died. Her body was returned home for burial. I remember my father saying that the family was devastated over her death. I don’t think the family ever really got over her death because she was the first child of this family to die. She was only thirty years old and had so much life to live. Vernon later remarried Alice Ann Coffey.

Lola Mae Weik Paige Obit

Lola Mae Weik Paige is buried in the Sunset Cemetery in Manhattan, Riley, Kansas.

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