James Harrold Pultz – Going to War 1918

James Harrold Pultz is my grand-uncle, and he was born in Indianola, Warren, Iowa on May 16, 1894, to George Edward Pultz and Kate Anna Smith. He was one of thirteen children born to my great-grandparents.

The Pultz family always loved to have large gatherings for all kinds of events that took place in their lives. James Harrold Pultz was preparing to go to war for the United States. The family wanted to give him a send-off in true Pultz style. He was twenty-four years old.

This gathering was captured by a person that was at the event. It was posted in The Riley Regent, Riley, Kansas August 15, 1918.

A Farewell Dinner

August 4, 1918, at the pleasant home of George Pultz and wife, three miles southeast of Olsburg, Pottawatomie County, on the beautiful banks of Dry Creek. A bounteous farewell dinner was prepared in honor of their son, James H Pultz, who entrained for Camp Funston, August 5.

This beautiful landscape is picturesque. Among the hills and in the valley the stream winds its way among oak, walnut, and elm. Some of the walnuts are large enough to be marketable for lumber. In strolling around, we observed large apple trees bearing nice ripe fruit, also two very large mulberry trees.

The sumptuous meal prepared by Mrs. Pultz was immense. The pen cannot picture or describe the eatables that served on this occasion, the table groaned under the weight. Three rods south of the residence on the bank of the creek, under the boughs of an oak tree, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Pultz served the relatives and guests. While we were enjoying the feast, the chords of the Victrola reverberated and echoed through the branches of the trees.

On the table were several vases in which waved stars and stripes in evidence of the patriotism of this family. In the evening before we departed for our homes, ice cream was served. Not by the gill but by the pint lot. 

The relatives and guests present: George Pultz and his wife, Mrs. Ina Pultz Peter, Harry Peter, Mrs. Carrie Pultz Johnson, Carl Johnson, Lois and Doris Johnson, Mrs. Ruby Pultz Weik, Otto Weik, Leo, Edward, Don, Lola, and Elsie Weik. Glenn Pultz, Mrs. Georgia Chamberlain Pultz, Margaret, and Edward Blaine Pultz, James H Pultz, Mrs. Waunita Pultz Walter, Wayne Walter, and daughter Evelyn, Mrs. Edna Pultz Clark, Daniel Clark, Lloyd, Zee, Kenneth, and Wilma Pultz, Mrs. Anna Peter, Mrs. John Weik, Miss Gertie Nelson, Miss Flossie Hodebar, Mr. and Mrs. W C Walter.

The parents, sisters, and brothers of James H Pultz presented him with a beautiful comfort in token of home, friendship, and love.

One Who Was There

He returned home from the war and remained in Riley/Pottawatomie Counties near all those relatives and friends who loved him. He never married or had any children. He also registered for WWII but did not serve because of his age.

James died on January 22, 1958, at the age of sixty-three. He lived in Keats, Riley, Kansas at the time of his death. He was a member of the IOOF Lodge at Riley, the Modern Woodsman of America, Eagles, and the American Legion at Riley. He was buried at the Sunset Cemetery in Manhattan, Kansas.

I can honestly say as a child who attended many Pultz Reunions that the food was always great but the homemade ice cream was the BEST!!!!

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