Isaac Brumley – Indentured Servant

Gasconade County Courthouse in Missouri

What does it mean to be an indentured person back in 1868?

Technically an indentured servant serves someone under a contract. The contract may have a limited period of time after which the contract is null.

In 1868, Isaac Brumley – son of Stephen Brumley (deceased) in Gasconade County, Missouri was indentured to Henry Leimkuehler. I have transcribed this document to the best of my ability.

This indenture, made the 12th day of November in the year of our Lord 1868 between Isaac Brumley of the age of four years and nine months, son of Stephen Brumley deceased, of the county of Gasconade, and the state of Missouri, of the first part, and Henry Leimkuhler, of the place, of the second part, witnessed: that the Isaac Brumley, by and wish the consent of Frederick Leimkuhler, the guardian duly appointed of the said Isaac Brumley, signified by the signature of the said Frederick Leimkuhler affixed to this indenture and by his own free will and consent hath placed and bound himself apprentice to the said Henry Leimkuhler, to dwell, confine, and serve, as an apprentice aforesaid , for and during the term of sixteen years, two months and eighteen days, from the date hereof, which will be until the first day of February in the year 1885 at which time the said Isaac Brumley, if he so long live, will be of the age of twenty-one years, during all of which him the said Henry Leimkuhler his master, shall faithfully and diligently serve, and in all such lawful business as he shall put to by his said master, according to the best of his abilities, and conduct himself honestly and orderly servant the family of said, Henry Leimkuehler.

And the said Henry Leimkuhler doth covenant and agree to and the said Isaac Brumley to teach and instruct the said Isaac Brumley , or cause him to be well and suffice by instructed in the art and trade of a farmer, after the best way and manner he can and further that he the said Henry Leimkuhler will provide for and allow the said Isaac Brumley meat, drink, washing, lodging and apparel, and all other necessities proper and suitable for an apprentice, during the term aforesaid,, and furthermore that he the said Henry Leimkuhler will furnish the said Isaac Brumley a common school education, such as in afforded in the neighborhood, and lastly that the said Henry Leimkuhler will give to the said Isaac Brumley at the expiration of his apprenticeship, a horse valued at seventy-five dollars or the value share of in lawful money.

In witness whereof, the parties have sworn to, and to duplicate thereof, subscribed their names and affixed their seals the day and date aforesaid.

Edward Kehoe and Charles Steinberger (witnesses)

Frederick Leimkuhler

Heinrich Leimkuhler

The State of Missouri

County of Gasconade

Henry Leimkuhler the master to whom the within named Isaac Brumley is bound, makes oath and says that he will faithfully perform the duties required by the within indenture, and enjoined on him by law.

Heinrich Leimkuhler

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 12th day of November A.D. 1868

E. Kehoe

Clerk County Court

In the 1880 Census of Boulware, Gasconade County, Missouri he is listed as “adopted child”. He was 17 years old at that time. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows anything about Isaac Brumley, his father was Stephen Brumley and I believe his mother was Jemima Miller Brumley and his siblings may be Mary Ann (Polly) Brumley, Eleanor (Nellie) Brumley and Sophia Brumley. All lived in and around Gasconade, Osage and Maries County Missouri.

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