Peter John Weik

Peter John Weik

Peter John Weik – my great uncle was the second son born to John Edward Weik and Elizabeth Brandt on May 10, 1877, in Leonardville, Riley, Kansas. He went as PJ most of his life. His other siblings are Edward John 1874, Elizabeth K 1878, Susan Ann 1880, Louis Franklin 1883, Otto Richard 1885 (my grandfather) and Maude Weik 1889.

The family lived in and around Riley County for several years. Communities like Leonardville, Sherman, and Grant. His father was a farmer so everyone helped to care for the farm animals and to tend to the crops, it was a part of life in Kansas.

On February 26, 1899, in Riley, PJ married Bessie Alice Watson, they both were twenty-two years old. They started their life together by having a daughter Frances M in 1900 and then a son Clarence Arthur Weik in 1906. They lived in several communities,  May Day, Madison, Grant, and Manhattan. He became a real estate agent.

Tragically Bessie contracted pneumonia and died on May 23, 1918, she was only forty-one years old. She died at home in Manhattan, Riley, Kansas and was buried in the Sunset Cemetery.

Bessie Alice Watson Weik Obit

A year later Peter married for a second time to Minnie Noble on June 27, 1919, in Manhattan. Seven years later tragedy struck again with the death of Minnie on December 4, 1926, she was just forty-five years old. Peter never remarried but remained in the Manhattan area until the time of his death.

Peter John Weik was retired from the real estate business and died on June 24, 1943, he was sixty-six years old. He was also buried at the Sunset Cemetery in Manhattan.

Peter John Weik Obit

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