Finding a Hobby in 2020

Cross-stitch Sampler

Finding a hobby in 2020 is more important than ever now. I am so grateful for my hobbies because during this time in our lives it definitely helps to take our minds off of the Coronavirus. It also helps us not to stress out over all the things we cannot do or change at this moment.

Finding a hobby is something I discovered many years ago when I was a child. My grandmother, Nellie Opal Sells Brumley taught me how to cross-stitch one summer. She told me that she had learned from her mother, Gertrude W NicholsShe gave me one of her cross-stitch handkerchiefs that she had made and I still have it today.

Grandma Brumley Cross-Stitch

As the years went by I learned counted cross-stitch and made several projects as gifts to coworkers or gifts for my family. My favorite cross-stitch projects were samplers I would make that took a while to complete.  It was one of many hobbies I learned over the years.

Finding a hobby is an activity that is done regularly in one’s leisure time. Since we have a lot of leisure time right now – what about finding a hobby for a lifetime of enjoyment? I love to knit and crochet and I am self-taught. There are lots of  YouTube videos to learn about anything nowadays. I can make winter scarves, dishcloths, pot holders, etc. Yes, I had to watch a video more than once but I mastered it.

Remember stamp collecting or collecting baseball cards? Think about hobbies people are interested in today. Another hobby of mine is journaling about anything. You can create your own space to put your own thoughts and feelings down about what is happening today so twenty years from now you can reread about what was going on in the moment. You can add pictures of your family or friends. I still have my very first five-year diary when I was a young girl. It is amazing what I was thinking about my world back then.

Journaling 2020

I have lots of hobbies but my passion is family genealogy. It never lets me down when I think I have nothing to do. Every now and then someone will ask me a question about a person they are researching and I am always up for “a great dig”!

There are so many hobbies out there that the young and old can do together. My grandson Zachary plays a mean game of Monopoly, so I know when we get together I better bring my A-game with me. It is something we both look forward too when I visit him and talk about later when we compare notes on who won! Another hobby – board games!

During this time where we have to stay close to home, we sometimes have to get creative.  There is always that great book to read or music to listen too. The biggest shocker of all is that we may just have to sit across from someone and have a good old fashion conversation, think what you could learn from that experience.

In closing, I am certainly glad I have my hobbies for over the years in many situations they have kept me from going crazy. What we are experiencing will not be the last time so get working on those hobbies now,  so when the next time comes along all you will need to say is “I got this!”

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