Ralph Henry C. Cox

Ralph H. C. Cox

Ralph Henry C. Cox, my 2nd great-grandfather was born to Jesse Cox, Sr. and Elizabeth Clark March 2, 1822, in Lincoln County, Missouri. He was their firstborn son, siblings from this union were, William Timothy, James M, Sarah, Mary Jane, and Elizabeth Ellen Cox. Elizabeth Clark Cox died in 1850 of an unknown cause.

Jesse, Sr. remarried on September 11, 1850, to Nancy McDonald in Lincoln County. Jesse and Nancy also had children, Jesse Newton, Jr., Nancy Emily, and Sarah Hannah. So it was a full household of children.

Ralph grew up in Lincoln County for most of his life. He was twenty-four when he married Nancy Elizabeth Baugh andhttps://brumleybranches331324978.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/nancy-e-baugh-cox-in-frame.jpg they started their life together. They were married in St. Charles County, Missouri on December 15, 1846. Soon after they started their family. Their firstborn child was Sarah Elizabeth, followed by Thomas Henry, Sophia Jane, Jesse, Mary Ellen, James William, Ralph Henry, Annie Perlina and my great-grandmother Nancy Katherine “Katie” Cox.

The Civil War was starting up and with that came the draft registration. Ralph was forty-one years old on July 1, 1863, when he signed up to serve his country. He served as a Private in 37th Regiment, Enrolled in the Missouri Militia (Union) Company A with Captains Joseph B. Howell, and William C. Teague of Lincoln County. After the war, he returned to his family and to Lincoln County near Bedford.

The Census of 1870 shows they were still living in Lincoln County. His father, Jesse died in 1875. By 1880 Census he had moved his family to Maries County, Missouri and purchased 160 acres of land around 1882. He and his family remained in Miller and Maries Counties through the Census of 1900. It is not clear the reason the family moved to southern Missouri.

Ralph was eighty-five years old when he died on July 16, 1907, in Dixon, Pulaski, Missouri. He is buried in the West Fairview Cemetery in Shantytown, Maries County, Missouri.

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