John Brumley

John Brumley

Brumley Family – John Brumley he was the youngest son born to Willis Brumley and Mary (Polly) Johns on September 15, 1859, in or nearby Mt. Sterling, Gasconade County, Missouri. His sibling was William 1847, Nancy Ann 1850, and Amanda Elizabeth (Mandy) 1855 Brumley. John also had a half-brother Isaac Walter and a half-sister Alice Florence Brumley. It is not clear whether his mother Polly died after his birth or a short time later. I have not discovered her death date or her place of burial but she died sometime between 1860-61.

His family moved around the counties in southeast Missouri, Gasconade, Osage, Maries after their mother died. Willis had to keep working to feed his family and most of the family started working at a young age. John was great at fixing things, cars or farm equipment, he was never afraid to get his hands dirty.

He was forty years old when he married his sweetheart, Barbara Ellen Copeland on February 4, 1900, in Maries County, Missouri. Barbara and John settled in the county and started their family around the Dry Creek area. Their children are; Norma Edith 1900, Edward Arthur 1902, Edna Leona 1905, Walter Granville 1906, Mary Ann 1908, Ray Olan 1911, Infant 1912, Effie Mae 1916, and twins Murel and Earl 1920.


John and Ellen remained around the Dry Creek area for years watching their children grow and marry. On February 5, 1941, John died suddenly at home of heart disease. He was eighty-one years old and a retired thresherman. A thresherman is someone who separates the seeds of corn, wheat, etc., from the plant by using a special machine or tool. He was buried in Kenner Cemetery in Hayden, Missouri, where his father and brother Bill was buried.


Two of their children Edna and Effie were the discovery of a lifetime for my mother and I.  My mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley put a query in one of the genealogy publications in the area and someone saw it and gave Effie my mother’s information back in the 1980’s.  It was a wonderful kinship that developed over the years and it brought about the discovery of new relatives we never knew we had because Nancy’s father, John Leo Brumley never told them. Meeting this family started our path to Brumley family genealogy and a labor of love for all who have worked so hard to join the families together.

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