Nancy Ann Brumley

Nancy Ann Brumley – my second great-aunt who from what I have learned over the years had a nickname of “Aunt Coon”. Why she was called “Aunt Coon” my mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley and I never found out. She was born on January 3, 1850, in Richland, Gasconade, Missouri, to Willis Brumley, and Mary (Polly) Johns. Her siblings were William 1847, Amanda Elizabeth (Mandy) 1855, and John Brumley 1859.

Her family stayed in the Hermann and Mt. Sterling area up until Nancy’s mother died in 1860-61. Her father, Willis enrolled in the Civil War Draft in 1863 and it states he his a widower with children and a Ferryman. He had four children to raise by that time so he had to do whatever he could to keep the family together.

Nancy married Henry “Clark” Eaton on January 7, 1877, in Osage County, Missouri. They began to raise their family in Cooper Hill with the birth of John Arthur 1880, Cynthia Ann 1883, Mary Ellen 1885, Ida Florence 1887, Stella Mae 1890 and Benjamin Franklin 1892.

Tragedy struck the family when their youngest son Benjamin was involved in a terrible ditch accident. He was living with my great-great-uncle, John Brumley at the time of the accident. The family was devastated and the community gathered together for his funeral, he was only forty-three years old.

Ben Eaton Death

Then just five years later Nancy experienced the death of her husband at the young age of fifty-years-old. Clark died in 1897 and was buried at the Baker Cemetery in Osage County. She was left a widow at the age of forty-seven.

She continued to live in Osage County surrounded by her family and friends. She didn’t remarry until she was seventy-two when Charles Roark Pointer finally convinced her that they should get married. They tied the knot in 1922 and they lived happily ever after until Charley Pointer died at the age of eighty-four years old on November 29, 1934, in Bland, Gasconade, Missouri. Nancy Ann Brumley Eaton Pointer in less than a year from Charley’s death died on June 30, 1935, of Heart Disease she was eighty-five.

Nancy Ann Brumley Eaton Obit

I wish I could have meant her, she was a strong woman and took the world on in her own way. Many years ago when we were talking to relatives who did know her told us that she loved her corn pipe. She would wear an apron with pockets so when she wanted to smoke she would have it close by.

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