Amanda Elizabeth Brumley

Amanda Elizabeth Brumley
Amanda Elizabeth sitting with daughters Georgia and Pearl

Amanda Elizabeth Brumley my second great-aunt was born July 3, 1855, in Hermann, Gasconade, Missouri to Willis Brumley and Mary “Polly” Johns, she went by Mandy throughout her life. Her other siblings were William 1847, Nancy Ann 1850, and John Brumley 1859. Somewhere between 1860-61 her mother Polly died. It is unclear what she died of or where she is buried but they were all living in the Mt. Sterling area in Gasconade County.

Willis was now a widower of four children and in 1863 signed up for the Civil War Draft. Raising his family, working and the Civil War was a lot to deal with but somehow he made it work.

From 1861 until 1870 it is unclear where Mandy was living or with whom she was living. On October 23, 1870, she gave birth to her first son William Willis Gilmore at the age of fifteen years old. She was living in Osage County, Missouri at the time. She married John Henry Gilmore on December 19, 1872, in Vienna, Maries, Missouri at the age of seventeen. She gave birth to her second son James Charles Gilmore on June 22, 1878, in Osage County, Missouri.

In the years between 1878 and 1886 is a mystery to my mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley and I. This is what we do know – Mandy left John Henry Gilmore between the above dates. She had a daughter, Georgia Lee Foster by George W. Foster on February 16, 1885, in Gasconade County and a son Earl Rice Foster on October 16, 1885, in Doniphan, Ripley County, Missouri.

Her divorce was finalized from John Gilmore on February 5, 1886, in Maries County. On September 8, 1890, she gave birth to a daughter Pearl Florence Foster in Cooper Hill and on March 7, 1893, gave birth to Ella Mae Foster in Grandin, Carter, Missouri. Her last son George was born in March of 1895.

Mandy Brumley Gilmore married George W. Foster on September 6, 1897, in Hermann, Gasconade, Missouri. They were married only five years when on April 1, 1902, George died in Osage County. Mandy never remarried and lived a good life until her death on December 1, 1919, in the St. Louis area. She is buried in the Rosebud Methodist Cemetery in Rosebud, Missouri. She was an interesting person and I wished I knew more about her life and times.

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