James Brumley

James Brumley

James Brumley is my third great-grandfather, at least this is where my information has lead me over the years. My mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley and I started our research in the early 1980’s and back then there were no computers, cellphones or much of anything to quickly research our relatives. My mother started a writing campaign to several historical societies in southeast Missouri. It was her queries about the Brumley family that lead us to unknown first cousins two times removed, Edna and Effie Brumley. The information we gathered from them and other resources have been a long road to research but after all, genealogy is a neverending endeavor. The following is what I have to date on James Brumley. The following is what I have tried to put together to the best of my ability. I believe James married Eleanor (Nellie) Chrismon around 1818 in Gasconade County, Missouri. There is a Bromley/Brumley in 1828 as an early voter in Gasconade County.

We first discovered James Brumley in the 1830 and the 1840 Census with his family in Gasconade County, Missouri. You cannot get very much information from the early census except to try to match up the said ages of spouse and children. It only lists the head of the family by name. The 1850 Census gave us more information, the name of a spouse and children and where they were born.

I believe James was born in Tennessee around 1797-1800 when I calculated his age on the census. Eleanor was listed as his wife and children were at that time Jane, David, and Sophia. I have found other siblings as well; Elizabeth 1816, Mary Frances 1818, William 1819, Stephen 1822, Willis (my great-great-great grandfather) 1824, Mahala 1827, Jane 1832, and David Brumley 1836.

Nellie Chrismon was born in 1798 in Lee, Virginia, to Isaac Chrismon, Jr. and Judah Walling Wallen. The families were early settlers in Gasconade County. James and Nellie also lived in Osage County. Whatever happened to this family happened between 1850 and 1860, Mary Frances died in 1853, Stephen died in 1860, Mahala died in 1857, and Jane died in 1856. It is said James died in 1856 and his wife Nellie died in 1860 in the Osage County area. I don’t have a burial site but Nellie’s parents had a family cemetery on their property, so they could have been buried there but I have no concrete evidence.

So I will continue my research in hopes that someday I will be able to piece things together better than I do now. I have started my blog again with updates on my favorites posts. Please share these posts with family and friends.

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Thank you.

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