Samaria Alice Thompson Sells


Samaria Alice Thompson Sells was my great-great-grandmother, and there is not much known about her in her early days. She was born June 3, 1842, her birthplace has been in Texas, Arkansas or Missouri on different census pages. I have not discovered as yet who her parents were either.

She married for the first time to Clark John Traister on July 3, 1859, in Clark County, Missouri. On the Census of 1860, they were living in Canton, Lewis, Missouri. She was twenty and he was twenty-seven years old.

Samaria Alice Thompson marriage (1)

Since the timeframe was when the Civil War took place it is unclear if he died in the war or of disease while in the war. I cannot find him again after 1860 in Missouri. I find no children with Clark.

On May 30, 1862, in Clark County, Samaria marries for the second time to my great-great-grandfather Marion Abraham Elijah Sells. They settled around Chambersburg and started their family. To this union was born twelve children; Sarah Maria 1863, Marion Emanuel 1865, Dorcas Anna 1867, Columbus (my great-grandfather) 1869, Elijah Marion 1873, Samaria Alice 1874, Amos 1876, Lieu Edith 1879, Dollie 1881, Lottie 1882, Grover Cleveland 1884 and John Wesley Sells, Sr. 1889.

From Chambersburg, they lived in Kahoka, Jefferson and back to Chambersburg, Missouri. She spent the remainder of her life enjoying her family and on February 25, 1902, she died at the age of fifty-nine years old. She is buried in the Chambersburg Cemetery. Marion lived on to be eighty-two and is also buried at Chambersburg.

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