Weik – Brandt Family

Elizabeth Brandt
John Edward Weik

John Edward Weik and Elizabeth Brandt are my great-grandparents. They were married on April 15, 1873, in Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois. They traveled with her mother, Anna Elizabeth Brandt, and step-father John Henry Debus, Sr. sometime between 1873 and 1875 to Kansas. They wanted to buy farmland on the prairie and become farmers.

Once they were settled in they started to build their family. Their children are Peter John , Elizabeth Katherine, Susan Ann, Louis Franklin, Otto Richard ( my grandfather), Maude Weik.

Peter John was born on May 10, 1877 in Leonardville, Riley, Kansas. He married first to Bessie Allan Watson on Febuary 26, 1899 in Riley County. They had two children, Frances M 1900 and Clarence Arthur Weik 1806. Bessie died at the young age of forty one years old on May 23, 1918. Peter (PJ) was married for the second time to Minnie Noble on June 27, 1919. There were no children born to this union. Peter died June 24, 1943 in Wyandotte County, Kansas at the age of sixty-six years old. Minnie died on December 4, 1926 in Riley County, she was forty-nine years old.

Elizabeth Katherine was born in July 1878 in Leonardville, Riley, Kansas. She married John Wallace Springer Sr. on Febuary 28, 1897 in Riley County. They had six children; Ada L 1898, Elsie Elizabeth 1899, John Wallace, Jr. 1900, Loyd James 1903, Leonard L 1907, and V Lone Springer 1910. They left the plains of Kansas and moved to Washington State. Elizabeth died at an early age of thirty eight years old on August 5, 1916 in Spokane, Washington. John Wallace married for the second time to Emma Lee on November 28, 1922 in Yakima, Washington. John died on October 10, 1938 in Yakima.

Susan Ann was born on October 11, 1880, in Riley County, Kansas. She married Orville Careless Cross on December 24, 1899, in Riley County, and to this union, nine children were born; Orley L 1907, Ella Bell 1909, Clifford John 1915, Lola May Weik 1918. Susan Ann died at the age of ninety-one in 1971. Orville died in June 1973 and he was ninety-six years old.

Louis Franklin Weik was born in March 1883 in Riley County. He was a young man with hopes and dreams to be a business man when he developed Tuberculois. There was to be no cure for him after seeking treatment in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. Louis died at the age of twenty-two years old on July 20, 1905 in Riley County. His parents and family were heart broken.

Otto Richard (my grandfather) was born January 5, 1885 in Leonardville, Kansas. He married Rubie Jemima Pultz on February 20, 1908. They had seven children; Leo John 1908, Edward Hugh 1909, Don Charles 1910, Lola Mae 1912, Elsie Elizabeth 1914, Ina Marie 1920 and my father Merle Otto Weik 1922. Otto died June 16, 1926 after being kicked by a horse and never recovered from his injuries, he was forty-one years old. Rubie raised her children without remarrying. She died June 3, 1973 at the age of eighty-three years old.

Maude was born September of 1889. She married John Thomas Noble in December 1907 in Manhattan, Kansas. Maude and John moved from Kansas to Spokane, Washington. There were four children to this union; Charles Louis 1905, Ruth 1911, Beulah 1913, and John James Noble 1916. Maude died on April 28, 1953 in Cascade, Montana at the age of sixty-three years old. John Thomas died September 14, 1943 in Spokane, he was fifty-seven years old.

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