Gideon Phillips Sells and Henrietta Bellaria Perrigo

Iowa Landscape

Gideon Phillips Sells and Henrietta Bellaria Perrigo are my second grand uncle and grand aunt. Gideon and Henrietta married on December 22, 1872, in Clark County, Missouri. Gideon’s parents were Elijah Sells and Phebe Walker. Henrietta’s parents were Jonathan Perrigo, Sr., and Mary Caroline Ann Keokuk. All these family members came together in the corner of Missouri called Clark County. It is located in the very far eastern corner of the Missouri/Iowa border.

Gideon’s wife Henrietta had an interesting background when I started doing research for this post and I will write another post on her remarkable relatives at another time.

Gideon and Henrietta began their married life in Clark County, Missouri. They were farmers as many people in the area were in the day. The 1880 Missouri Census finds them in the town of Jefferson in Clark County with their children, Edward, Lewis, Cecil, and Mary Sells. The 1900 Census of Missouri shows there were changes in the family dynamic. Gideon was a widower and a day laborer, and they now lived in Jackson, Lee, Iowa. He lived with his children, John, Bertie, and Henry Sells.

The 1910 Missouri Census shows that Gideon was living in Keokuk, Lee, Iowa, and was still a widower with his children, John, Henry, and Lenora. Gideon was a laborer working in the lumber business. The 1920 Census shows he was living with his son John in Keokuk, Lee, Iowa.

Gideon and Henrietta’s children:

Edward Mathias Sells was born October 21, 1873, in Clark County, Missouri. He married Serena Parkhurst on October 20, 1901, in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. They had one child Irma Sells 1903-1997. Edward married a second time to Nellie F Van Ausdall in 1925, in Hancock County, Illinois. Edward Sells died in 1950 in Lee County, Iowa. Serena Parkhurst Sells Condon died on September 24, 1940, in Glennwood, Iowa. Nellie F Van Ausdall Sells died on January 17, 1966, she was ninety-four years old.

Louis Giddeon Sells was born on February 9, 1875, in Chambersburg, Clark, Missouri. He married Wilhelmina Josephine Ullrich 1876-1928 on July 1, 1896, in Keokuk, Lee, Iowa. This union had five children, Etta Mae 1898-1958, Ralph Louis 1904-1904, Violet Marie 1905 -1973, Ethel Louise 1909-1985, and Harold Edwin Sells 1911-1995. Louis died on December 27, 1934, and is buried in Keokuk, Lee, Iowa. Wilhelmina (Minnie J) died in Keokuk on June 28, 1928.

John Cecil Sells was born on February 6, 1876, in Jefferson, Clark, Missouri. At this writing, I have been unable to discover if he was ever married or had any children. John died on May 5, 1936, in Keokuk, Lee, Iowa. He is buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Keokuk; he was sixty years old.

Maria Bellaria Sells was born in October 1882, in Clark County, Missouri. She married John Henry Van Ausdall on September 1, 1897, in Keokuk, Lee, Iowa. This couple had two children Vera Van Ausdall 1899-1978 and John Stir Van Ausdall, Jr. 1902-1965. Maria died on November 14, 1905, in Keokuk. She was just twenty-three years old and is buried in Keokuk. Henry married for a second time to Isabelle Marie Lockwood from 1878-1932. Henry died on June 28, 1848, in Lewis County, Missouri. He is buried in Riverview Cemetery, La Grange, Lewis, Missouri.

Charles Burton Sells was born on April 20, 1885, in Jefferson, Clark, Missouri. He married Leona Killingsworth on July 9, 1927, in Louisiana. They had four children: James Barron (Jimmie) 1928-1989, B John 1929-1970, Gerald C 1931- ?, and Charles Wendall Sells 1936-2007. Charles died on April 16, 1976, in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Leona died on May 29, 1986, in Baton Rouge.

Henry Ross Sells was born on April 21, 1888, in Clark County, Missouri. He married Edna Mary Warder on May 18, 1910, in Hancock County, Illinois. To this union two daughters Elva Aletha 1911-2003 and Mary Evelyn Sells 1915-? Henry died on November 26, 1967, in Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas. Edna died on May 30, 1977, in Farmington, Washington, Arkansas.

Aletha Lenora Sells was born on June 23, 1893, in Keokuk, Lee, Iowa. She married James Burton Newman around 1915 in Nebraska. They had one son Kenneth Burton Newman 1916-1976. She married a second time to Herbert William Telle, Sr. 1889-1965 in Douglas County, Nebraska. Lenora died in October 1976 and is buried in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. James died on December 24, 1956, in Omaha. Herbert died November 5, 1965, also in Omaha.

Gideon Phillip Sells died on March 21, 1927, in Keokuk and is buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Keokuk, Iowa. Henrietta Bellaria Perrigo died on July 19, 1896, in Keokuk and is also buried in the Oakland Cemetery.

Thank you for reading my blog post, if anyone has any information to add please contact me.

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