Eli and Phoebe Walker

Eli Walker

Eli Walker is my fourth great-grandfather who was the first son born to Joseph H Walker and Barbara Teter on March 22, 1801, in Randolph County, West Virginia. His other siblings were; John Wilton 1802, George Walker 1806, Joseph, Jr. 1809, Jesse, Sr. 1810, Eber 1812, Martin 1814, Sarah 1817, Levi 1819, Mary 1820, and Silas Walker 1826.

Eli married Anna Amy Wolford on August 11, 1819, in Randolph, West Virginia, he was eighteen years old and Anna was about eighteen or nineteen. They started their family by having a girl and they named her Phoebe Walker (my third great-grandmother) in 1820 either in West Virginia or Indiana. Her other siblings were; Elizabeth 1820-21, Isaac 1830, John 1831, Emily 1834, and Malinda Walker 1841. Eli and his family over the years slowly started to move towards the west to Indiana and then Iowa.

Phoebe was twenty years old when she married Elijah Sells (my third great-grandfather) on April 2, 1840, in DesMoines Iowa Territory. They had four children; Sarah Elizabeth 1841, Marion Elijah (my great-great grandfather) 1842, Susannah 1843 and Gideon Phillip Sells in 1845. It is not known if Phoebe died due to childbirth or from another reason but Gideon her son was born in the same year she died. I have been unable to find where she is buried. Phoebe was only twenty-five years old.

Elijah married for the second time to Frances Cox on March 16, 1845, in the DesMoines Iowa Territory. They went on to have four more children; Rachel 1847, Lucinda Jane 1854, Thomas Jefferson 1857 and George Washington Sells in 1860.

Eli and Anna Amy spent their last remaining days in and around Benton Township, DesMoines County, Iowa. Anna and Eli died in the same year Anna on January 20 and Eli on February 27, 1869. They are buried in the North Walker Cemetery in DesMoines County, Iowa.

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