James Brumley

James Brumley

James Brumley is my third great-grandfather, at least I think he is my relative. In all my years of collecting relatives, this family has been my hardest to nail down. The records are few and hard to find. James Brumley was found first in the 1830 Census of Gasconade County, Missouri. In the early census, only the male head of the family is listed with the wife, children, and slaves listed only as numbers of how many were under his household. This is also the same in the 1840 Census of Gasconade County.

It was not until the Census of 1850 that we get a little more information. His family was living in Crawford, Osage, Missouri at the time. James was now 53 and the census says he was born in Tennessee. His wife is listed as Eleanor Brumley which I have learned that she was Eleanor (Nellie) Chrismon and they were married about 1818. Their children were Mary Frances (Franny) 1818, William 1819, Stephen 1822, Willis 1824 (my great-great-grandfather, Mahala 1827, Jane 1832, David 1836, and Elizabeth Brumley.

Between the 1850 and 1860 Missouri Census James dies, somewhere around 1856. He was only fifty-six years old and the family was still living in Osage County, Missouri. In the Census of 1860 in Benton, Osage County I find Eleanor living with Stephen Brumley and his daughter Sophia. Eleanor died also around 1860.

It is not known where James Brumley and Eleanor “Nellie” Chrismon is buried but they could be buried in the Old Henry Volmert Farm Cemetery in Maries County, Missouri. At one time the farm was owned by Gilbert Chrismon. There is said to be at least four gravesites there but over the years it was not cared for properly, tombstones, if there were any, have long disappeared.

James and Eleanor Brumley’s children and spouses;

Mary Frances “Franny” married Samuel Owens

William married Ruth Jane Kerley

Stephen married Jemima Millier

Willis married Mary “Polly” Johns

Mahala married John M Owens

Jane married Calvin Thomas Hensley

David married unknown

Elizabeth married John Pierpoint

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